CH DK*Jaquet JEDIS of Italiadolls


DK*Jaquet JEDIS of  Italiadolls

Imported Danimarca


Rag n 03 (seal bicolour – HM)

Born 26/10/2017

 weight 5,6 kg

Blood Group: A -/- (group A not carrier of variation b)

Test FELV – negative, done 15/012019

Test FIV – negative, done 15/01/2019

Genetic test HCM – negativ -/-

Genetic test PKD – negativ -/-

Genetic test MPS – negativ -/-

Genetic test PRA – negativ -/-

Genetic test color dilution – (D/D) does not has dilute allele

Brief descripton of DK*Jaquet JEDIS of Italiadolls:

DK*Jaquet JEDIS is a wonderful female with an aoutstanding temper. I couldn’t have asked for more. Her temper likes a dog, When I carees her, she licking me. I wanted the Nordic type, quite extreme physical appearance and I received it. . I cannot thank enough a very important Denmark Breeder Karen Jaquet (and Anita Farruggia) for entrusting her to me.

JEDIS has a very good shaped head, deep blue eyes, widely spaced ears of excellent shape and size, superlative profile and good coat, abundant, fluffy.

Her character is “quintessential Ragdoll”, a real “rag doll”: clumsy, sweet, calm, floppy. When you hold her she flops trustingly in total abandon. I love her type. I really hope that she can pass on her excellent characteristics to her kittens.

JEDIS is of a very high blood lines – I love her pedigree


Date Place Mark Judge Class
15.09 2018


Emilia (IT)

Ex 1, CAC Mrs. Nurit Pahl, IL 9

Reggio Emilia (IT)

Ex 1, CAC, NOM BIS Mrs. Vesna Riznar Resetic, HR 9

Parma (IT)

CAC, NOM BIS Mr. Leslie van Grebst, DK 9

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