IC IT*Dolls’N’Rags URANIA of Italiadolls


IT*Dolls’N’Rags URANIA of Italiadolls



 Rag n°04 (seal mitted with blaze)

Born 21/02/2013

weight 4,4  kg

 Blood Group A (genetic test A (n/b)

Test FELV – negative done 15/01/2019

Test FIV – negative done 15/01/2019

Genetic test HCM – negative -/-

Genetic test PKD – negative -/-

Genetic test dilution – blue dilution

Brief description of IC IT*Dolls ’N’ Rags URANIA of Italiadolls :

URANIA is the second female in my cattery. I decided to take my second breeder of the well-known and reputable Italian cattery of my friend Roberta Bertini from city Livorno. URANIA as a kitten was hyperactive and agile running about constantly, exactly the opposite of my first female Mona. With time her real Ragdoll personality has come out. She is a really sweet cat who needs constant physical contact. She wants to stay so close to me that she lies on top of me.

She feels she is adopted child of the older female Mona. She follows her everywhere and tries to imitate her. There is a wonderful bond between the two cats.

URANIA is highly intelligent and cannot be tricked while playing in the same way as Mona. URANIA understands my every move. She is a medium sized cat with a long body, well spaced and sized ears and a good profile. In her pedigree there are the highest blood lines : Darlinlildolls, Rags2Riches, Ritzyrags. Her grandfather is the world champion Rags2Riches Blue Boy. When you look at URANIA you immediately notice three things:

  • Wonderful facial expression with large alert eyes.
  • A white blaze on forehead.
  • Long a fluffy coat.

I am planning partners for URANIA from  Nordic/German lineage.

Thanks to Roberta for entrusting me with this treasure.



Date Place Mark Judge Class
25.01.2014 Prato (IT) Ex 1, CAC Mr. Alessandro Ghibaudo (IT) 9
22.02.2014 Legionowo (PL) Ex 1, CAC Mrs. Ewa Porat (SE) 9
23.02.2014 Legionowo (PL) Ex 1, CAC Mrs. Gina Grob (LI) 9



12.04.2014 Goleniow – Stettino (PL) Ex 1, CACIB Mrs. Donatella Mastrangelo (IT) 7
13.04.2014 Goleniow – Stettino (PL) Ex 1, CACIB Mr. Steven J. Jonas (NO) 7
 06.12.2014 Florence (IT) Ex 1,  CACIB Mr. Gianfranco Mantovani (IT) 7



06.12.2014 Florence (IT) Ex 1, CAGCIB Mrs. Stephe Bruin (NL) 5

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