LAYLA Supurrsonic*PL of Italiadolls

LAYLA Supurrsonic*PL of Italiadolls

Imported Poland


Rag n 03 (seal bicolour – HM)

Born il 02/05/2017

Blood Group A (n/n)

Test FELV – negative done 15/01/2019

Test FIV – negative done 15/01/2019

Genetic test HCM – negative -/-

Genetic test PKD – negative -/-

Genetic test  MPS – negative

Genetic test  PRA – negative

Genetic test dilution – (D/d) present color dilution

Brief description of LAYLA Supurrsonic*PL of Italiadolls:

LAYLA is my the second female seal bicolour of excellent TYPE and wonderful character. Thanks very much to the excellent Polish breeder Dominika entrusting me.

LAYLA has an excellent head, big eyes of medium blue, enough small ears with widely spaced of excellent shape and size, superlative profile and thick abundant, fluffy and long hair.

Her character is “quintessence of Ragdoll”, very sweet, cheerful, very, very good, gold heart with humans and with her furry companions. I believe very much in LAYLA and I hope that she will be able to pass these excellent characteristics to her babies.

LAYLA is of high genealogy. Her pedigree has excellent lines, in particular from Poland.

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