SC AL – MADDOX Moje Laleczki*PL of Italiadolls



AL – MADDOX Moje Laleczki*PL of Italiadolls

Imported Poland


 Rag n°04 (seal mitted with blaze)

Born 31/08/2012

weight 7,7 kg !

 Blood Group A -/- (group A not carrier of variation b)

Test FELV – negative done 15/01/2019

Test FIV – negative done 15/01/2019

Genetic test HCM – negative -/-

Genetic test PKD – negative

Genetic test MPS – negative

Genetic test PRA – negative

Genetic test dilution – (D/D) FULL COLOUR – does not have dilute allele

Brief description of SC AL – MADDOX Moje Laleczki*PL of Italiadolls:

I was looking for a male mate with specific characteristics : healthy, large, placid, gentle and naturally with the pedigree lineage which I prefer : German. He was found for me by Iza ( in the cattery of Warsaw (Poland) Moje Laleczki*PL ( of Ewa. AL – MADDOX was just the perfect cat. A large solid male weighing almost 8 kgs! The show judges compliment him on his large head, strong, wide chest, well spaced ears with a flat surface between them and most of all for his size and weight. His eyes are a good blue and his coat is very soft and dense.

When you look at his face he appears a cat with a tough personality, haughty and dominant. He couldn’t be more different, AL – MADDOX is the essence of sweetness, obedience and patience. This allows him to perform perfectly during shows. He’s a really placid cat, a giant with a big heart. The other point which can’t be underestimated is his desire for mates. He is however a perfect gentleman and behaves impeccably with his females. AL – MADDOX pedigree respects all the best German, Czech and American lines.

A heartfelt thanks to Ewa and Iza for this sweet, placid giant.



26.01 2013Warszawa (PL)Ex 1, BIVMr. Vladimir Isakov, BY12
27.01.2013Warszawa (PL)Ex 1Mr. Stephane Bernard, F12
09.02.2013Warszawa (PL)Ex 1Mr. Ireneusz Pruchniak, PL12
10.02.2013Warszawa (PL)Ex 1Mr. Alessandro Ghibaudo, IT12
11.05.2013Łódź (PL)Ex 1, BIVMr. Alexey Shchukin, NL11
12.05.2013Łódź (PL)Ex 1, BIVMr. Alessandro di Chio, IT11
06.07.2013Puck (PL)Ex 1, CACMrs. Donatella Mastrangelo, IT


07.07.2013Puck (PL)Ex 1, CAC, NOM BISMr. Yan Roca – Folch, FR


16.11.2013Żory (PL)Ex 1, CACMrs. Sirpa Lindelof, SE



17.11.2013Żory (PL)Ex 1, CACIBMr. Cristiano Federico Sandon, IT7
01.12.2013Warszawa (PL)Ex 1, CACIBMr. John Rudolph, NL7
25.01.2014Prato (IT)Ex 1, CACIBMr. Alessandro Ghibaudo, IT7



26.01.2014Prato (IT)Ex 1, CAGCIB, NOM BISMr. Yan Roca – Folch, FR5
22.02.2014Legionowo (PL)Ex 1, CAGCIB,     BIV, NOM BISMrs. Ewa Porat, SE5
23.02.2014Legionowo (PL)Ex 1, CAGCIBMrs. Gina Grob, LI5
08.03.2014Pesaro (IT)Ex 1, CAGCIBMr. Cristiano Federico Sandon, IT5
09.03.2014Pesaro (IT)Ex 1, CAGCIBMs. Hana Klein, IT5
22.03.2014Salsomaggiore Terme (IT)Ex 1, CAGCIBMr. Alexander Platz, DE5
23.03.2014Salsomaggiore Terme (IT)Ex 1, CAGCIBMrs. Nurit Pahl, IL5
12.04.2014Goleniow – Stettino (PL)Ex 1, CAGCIBMrs. Donatella Mastrangelo, IT5


13.04.2014Goleniow-Stettino (PL)Ex 1, CACSMr. Steven J.Jonas, NO3
03.05.2014Spoleto (IT)Ex 1, CACS, NOM BISMs. Hana Klein, IT3
04.05.2014Spoleto (IT)Ex 1, CACS, NOM BISMrs. Satu Hamalainen, FI3
17.05.2014Cuorgne- Turin (IT)Ex 1, CACSMrs. Lili Anciau, BE3
18.05.2014Cuorgne- Turin (IT)Ex 1, CACSMr. Alessandro Ghibaudo, IT3
24.05.2014Starogard Gdanski- Gdansk (PL)Ex 1, CACSMrs. Marta Ziemianska, PL3
25.05.2014Starogard Gdanski- Gdansk (PL)Ex 1, CACSMr. Sebastian Pruchniak, PL3
07.06.2014Krakow (PL)Ex 1, CACSMr. Vladimir Isakov, BY3
08.06.2014Krakow (PL)Ex 1, CACSMrs. Anne Paloluoma, FI3
03.08.2014Sopot-Gdansk (PL)Ex 1, CACS
Mr. Sebastian Pruchniak, PL3
06.09.2014Modena (IT)Ex 1, CACSMr. Roberto Lubrano, FR3

                                             SUPREME CHAMPION

                                             (WORLD CHAMPION)


07.09.2014Modena (IT)Ex 1, Honorary PrizeMrs. Hana Klein, IT1


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