• Are you fully aware of the responsibility that owning a cat entails and that you are not allowing yourself to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the moment or demands from your children ?
  • Are you absolutely sure that no one in the family is allergic to cats
  • Are you willing to treat your cat as a member of the family and to keep it indoors without allowing it to go outside ?
  • Are you willing to share your life with him for 15-17 years?
  • Are you willing to dedicate time to him on a daily basis with affection and cleaning of dishes, litter tray etc ?
  • Do you understand that a Ragdoll is an eternal kitten and cannot stay at home alone for long period ? a Ragdoll which is left alone suffers greatly from loneliness which can have an effect on its psychological and physical well-being
  • When you are out of the house can you find a companion for him: another Ragdoll, another pet or a member of the family? Are you willing to take him on holiday with you or find someone to stay with him while you are away?
  • Are you willing to spend money on his maintenance : high quality food, games and toys, constantly update the health card with vaccinations and worming ?
  • Remember that even Ragdolls can get ill. Are you willing to spend money to provide all necessary care ?
  • Are you willing to attend periodically to the cutting of claws, cleaning of ears and brushing of coat (daily when moulting)?
  • Are you willing to put up with cat hair in the house, on the sofa, carpets, cushions, clothes etc? (particularly during moulting)
  • Are all members of the family willing to take on a kitten ? 




Why does the breeder ask so many questions ?

Don’t be offended if you are asked so many questions (have you got other cats? Do you keep them in the garden? etc). They are only to ensure that each kitten has a positive future. A kitten is not a toy but a living creature which needs love, I will always go to any length to find the best home possible for my kittens !



  • The kittens are ready to leave their mother at about 14-16 weeks, after being vaccinated, wormed internally and externally, when they are absolutely self-sufficient and no longer psychologically of physically dependent on their mother.
  • I place great emphasis on the health and socialisation of the kittens, from the moment of birth they are handled, cuddled and used to the presence of people. Once they leave the cattery they are perfectly prepared for life with a new family.
  • My kittens are only given to real animal lovers and not to pet shops, research institutes, laboratories or any similar places.
  • The new owner must agree not to have the cat’s claws removed but to give it a serene life and attend to its medical needs when necessary.
  • The cat must live indoors without the possibility of going outside and be cared for in safe and hygienic conditions .
  • The cat must never be neglected or ill-treated, it must never be left to fend for itself or sold or given to others with the agreement of the breeder.
  • If the cat is a BREEDING CAT or SHOW BREEDING CAT – Buyer Cattery can not sell this Cat in quality Breeder or Show/Breeder to other Cattery. Cat can be sold/given only as castrated/spayed to a private lovely families (not to the laboratory, pet shops, shelters for animals)
  • If the cat is a BREEDING CAT or SHOW BREEDING CAT it will only be given to other registered breeders with experience who do not use boxes or cages. There is the possibility that a breeding cat or show breeding cat could be sold to someone who has the very serious intention of becoming a breeder themselves but only after the intended buyer has registered with ANFI – FIFE. Once the owner has the cat they must follow a rigorous procedure ! carry out genetic tests (HCM – PKD) at 10 months (for a female) and request the prefix. Only after receiving the prefix with the name of the breeding centre can the female re-produce. This will only happen in exceptional cases and will only concern breeding females. Males are not given to breeders without experience. The necessary procedure will be described step by step in the contract. If any of this procedure is not carried out correctly, following all the rules or there are any doubts about the integrity and honesty of the buyer, I reserve the right to order the immediate sterilisation of the cat. If this is not done I will proceed to remove the cat immediately according to the contract.
  • If the cat is a PET or SHOW-NEUTERED it will be sterilised before leaving the breeding centre or as stipulated by contract, within a certain time frame. In the case of the latter, the pedigree certificate will only be sent to the owner after a medical certificate attesting to the sterilisation has been received. If this does not happen I reserve the right to remove the cat.
  • All my cats are healthy (certified on health card) and their parents are free from FELV and FIV. My cats live at home without the possibility of going outside and therefore do not have any contact with other cats and other diseases. All new owners are invited to check their kittens health within three days of arriving at home in order to prove their physical well-being.
  • After the kitten has left the breeding centre I will not be responsible for any illnesses contracted by the animal and therefore for any ensuing vet bills.
  • I cannot guarantee (like any breeder) that the animal will be capable of reproducing and of results at feline shows.
  • I need to be informed by owners of any change of address of telephone number.
  • I am always available to give any information necessary for the growth and health of the cat.
  • The new owners should keep me updated with the kitten’s progress.
  • The cat should be well treated taking into account all its needs, as a member of the family.
  • If for any reason I am not able to supply you with the kitten then the deposit will be fully refunded or advance passes to another kitten (this choise determines the buyer). In all other situations: For example, in situations where the buyer changed his mind and does not want more this kitten or the buyer can not pick it up, or I’m not sure about the honesty of Buyer Breeder and I’m afraid that the Buyer Breeder may resell my cat quality Breeder or Show/Breeder to another Breeder – THE DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED

The conditions of sale respect ethical codes which I have signed with the associations and clubs.